Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Request for Magical Support and Prayers

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry to have been silent the last day or two -- its been very intense here, and I look forward to filling you in as soon as I can. Unfortunately, its simply been impossible for me to sit down and write to you all as much as I'd like.

Tomorrow (which is tonight for you!) we have the potential for a truly magnificent, magical, historical moment (and I don't say that lightly). The action that's planned involves bringing together the earth-loving activists outside the gates and delegates and honoraries from inside the convention hall, mostly from the Global South, activated youth delegates, and earth-loving NGOs with influence with the negotiators from industrialized nations. It could be the most amazing thing in my life. Or, the moment could pass us by because of obstructions, violence, distraction, or just bad luck.

Why are all these people planning to walk out of the conference hall and / or disrupt the convention if they are as earth-loving as I claim? After all, don't we want a treaty to come out of Copenhagen? This is a question I've struggled with for a few days. I came here fully intending to support the strongest, most legally binding agreement that could possibly come out of this thing, and I still feel that way. The issue is that what's happening in there is not that. There are without a doubt many people more qualified to discuss this issue than I am, people who understand it more fully (Amy Goodman and Naomi Klein immediately come to mind, I'm sure they've got stuff on their webpages about it), but I'll try my best to explain what's going on as I understand it just to give you an idea of what's going on.

The gist of it is this: right now, the industrialized nations and corporations are really pushing for market-based solutions at their worst are unlikely to do anything at all to help our planet survive, and at best would slightly help reduce CO2 pollution but at the expense of those nations most likely to be harmed by climate change and that have already felt the brunt of our economic policies. There are countries out there that are in danger of literally being underwater soon, and having their food supplies completely destroyed by climate change issues, and these nations have been repeatedly ignored, lied to, and condescended to during the last several weeks while those with money and power try to find ways to maximize their profits with carbon markets and carbon sinks. These are the people that will join us at the People's Assembly tomorrow, when we bring the voices of those in the streets together with theirs inside the Bella Center.

It's a powerful working, and one that will involve thousands of people putting their bodies on the line with creative, non-violent civil disobedience including myself, Jason, Bird (Tom) and Lisa. Our hope is that you'll send us your energy and magic tonight (your time) at 12am-5am, which is 9am-2pm our time. If you can't do that, since we all know magic doesn't work linearly anyway, do it whenever you can. We have three images that might help you line up with the magic we're doing here, so if you can use one or more of them, that might help bring our magic together in the most potent way..

-- The "Portal" Rune that was developed a couple of years ago at California Witchcamp, which essential looks like an "x" with a longer line running through the axis of it. That extra line is the third road, the mysterious way that opens all potential and possibilities. We need these portals to open up in fences, in lines of obstructions, in the minds and hearts of the people inside the Bella Center.

-- This part is from Jason, bear with my construction oriented perspective on magical imagery. I am envisioning a stone foundation wall standing apparently strong and prepared-- call this the cops. Earth will pour into the dug out area around this wall-- this the activists (the earth moving) coming toward and filling the gap up to the wall. The stones are a part of the earth too, although when used as a wall they no longer move as the earth moves. When the pressure is added only from the outside, perhaps the wall will break and earth will pour through to the inside. Tomorrow, bless the goddess, earth will pour into both sides (imagine the basement also filling with soil). Representatives and delegates will come from inside to meet our efforts (also earth moving). When earth fills both sides of the stone, it no longer matters if it holds strong. It will become instantly a part of the earth. When the activists from outside meet the allies from within, the cops will transform into holding space for the peoples forum to exist, regardless of intent or orders. All will be earth together. I ask that this image be held and fed with what ever earth loving energy or magic you will. Blessings. j

-- A silver spiderweb of protection over the four of us, connecting us to all of you.

Thanks again and again for all that you do. We're so happy to be a part of a magical community that cares for us in this way, and to be with you at this amazing point in history.

Lotsa love,
Riyana, Jason, Lisa, and Bird

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  1. Rivka: Sending love and support to all four of you, under the silver web of protection, aka the wings of the Shekhina...
    Love, Mom