Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Leaders of the World: From the COP15 website

It's okay. The younger generation does not need you.  There is no need to seal the deal since you are inherently incapable of doing so.

We will fight our own wars.
Decades later, you will be long gone.
So when the ultimate doom comes, we will fight on our own.

We will never let go of hope, and for every living second we will struggle on, until we perish as Earth does.  And we will remember it's your generation that failed us all. 

--JY Abron

(PS - Just in case it's not obvious, yours truly did not write this. I was simply touched by it and decided to pass it along. In love and solidarity, R)


  1. ...perhaps not a failure. Perhaps no agreement is the right action for our World Leaders. I see at least one possibility - it is still up to each person, each community, each country, to create a sustainable, green life. To have reached an agreement in the current state of the world, would at best have been a compromise, at worst, left the rich in complete control of the poor. There are always so many strings attached to financial gifts. Perhaps no agreement, is the success? It is definitely progress ... the rich and powerful could not subdue and silence and ignore the not so rich and powerful. Yes, it is regretable that we could not all agree. Let us pray that we are all so much more aware and focused. Maybe the magic and the voices of wisdom and compassion are working.

  2. I agree, Lucy!
    -Carol from MA