Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nourishing the Revolution...

Today, I'm sitting in my kitchen, feeling joy and peace.  I've been back from my summer travels for a little over a week now, and although they were exciting and powerful and deep and everything else you could want from an adventure, I feel so happy to be home.  My garden is in shambles, but I'm working on it to turn it around again.  I'm starting to root down again, into my home and my work that's here in the Bay Area.

Right when I got home, there was a wonderful get-the-bay-area-pagan-folks-revitalized-into-activism barbecue.  The next day, Jason and I got arrested at the SF Stop Big Oil Action outside of the BP offices in San Francisco.  Which you undoubtedly want to hear more about, because folks are always so into the activism part of this blog -- especially the gritty things like arrests and tear gas and whatnot.   Well, you're out of luck.  You're going to have to be satisfied with these two pictures, because that's all you're going to get:

My arrest last week at the BP Action -- doesn't this totally look like some sort of drunken celebrity paparazzi shot?

Jason's arrest shot.  He's a whole head taller than the officers -- I wonder if that's why they get so nervous around him, or is it the broody eyes?

What's really exciting me right now is the herbal infusion that I'm drinking, courtesy of  I am frigging obsessed with this site right now, I can't even tell you.  The wealth of herbal information that's there -- as well as traditional nutrition and just good ol' community vibes -- is astounding.

One of their biggest pushes is to encourage us all to drink a nourishing herbal infusion everyday, which is essentially an ounce or so of a chosen herb (or herbs) steeped in hot water for 8 hours.  Today, I'm sipping my first of what I hope is many: mint, oatstraw, and licorice root.  Although oatstraw is noted for its calming and heart-focused healing powers, and mint good for the digestion, and licorice a deep immune tonic, I didn't choose the infusion for any of those particular qualities -- I chose them to taste good and nourish my spirit.

It feels like its working.  Being home, sipping my tea, looking at my disheveled garden -- I feel very nourished, very alive.

Drink your herbs!


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